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Our daily business values are changing – especially work-life-balance, efficiency, innovation and compensation will be re-defined in the future. Talent seeking becomes a new challenge for businesses. But how will the future workplace look like? What are the impacts of the emergent workforce? The recent „The 2009 Emerging Workforce Study“ paper gives some interesting insights.

Some key-findings…
– The mean age of emergent workers is 42 years old and male to female ratio is 57%:43%
– The average emergent employee works 44.3 hours per week.
– 95% of workers today prefer a job that allows them to think creatively
– The overwhelming majority (86%) of workers say their most important priority in their career is maintaining work/life balance, yet 36% of workers aren’t satisfied with balance.
– Time and flexibility are extremely/very important to 61% of all workers, but only 36% say they are satisfied with their time and flexibility.

And there is a huge gap between the employeer’s interest and the employees expectation…

All brands and companies want to have engaging Facebook pages once they have decided to set one up and get involved in social networks. Sarah Hartshorn put together a nice list of 12 Facebook apps that will get people more engaged in it.

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa is going to be kicked off in some days. The world is excited and dads will all spend a lot of time in front of the TV. In order for all parents not to „forget“ their kids during the next five weeks, I share this wonderful commercial with you. Continue making your kids your stars!!!

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