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Have you ever heard of the X-treme shopper? Well, the amopunt of people that fit in this personalized power shoppers category increases. A new study by GFK research shows that already 31% of Americans find themselves in this category. They use all emerging technologies and information resources available in order to take control of their shopping and purchase experience.

„By mixing and matching information and shopping resources to meet their specific needs, consumers are now continuously creating unique pathways to purchase. This presents an unprecedented challenge for marketers who must take special care to ensure their various touchpoints work together seamlessly to help guide XTreme shoppers on their quest for the best values.“

Mike Kassab, senior vice president of Innovation and director of the Future Buy study, GFK

Did you know that the world population according to the United Nations is 6.8 billion people? And how many have a mobile phone? A new study by Ericsson says 5 billion…!

And what would people do if Facebook was closed tomorrow? A recent study by Andreas Weigend, former chief scientist of Amazon at Stanford, suggests that 40% of respondents would backup photos and 38.7% said they would backup contacts.

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