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All marketers want to know what the best social media campaigns were. Forbes has created a picture list which I would partly agree with… Asking myself why there is no B2B campaign in there. Any answers… and which campaigns would you have chosen?

Yesterday, I was asked the question, if Social Media is there is a life after Social Media. I answered: „Well there was a life after Second Life!“. Second Life is still here, only that the hype and popularity has decreased. Social Media will become part of our lives without us even thinking about the term in the future and is definitely here to stay. Eric Sass wrote about some historical development comparison on telephone lines and telephones compare with the social media revolution, including US and Canadian studies that undermine the statement…

What is the secret of a viral? „Hot Babe + Skimpy Clothing + Doing Something Really Stupid = Viral Video“ writes Dan Neely in his . Dave Powers shares a different view and also keeps business expectations realistic for „The future of social media“…

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  1. Tweets that mention News Update – Best of the Day -- am 20.08.2010 09:08 

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Martin Meyer-Gossner, agentur wagner. agentur wagner said: RT @thestrategyweb News Update – Best of the Day – All marketers want to know what the best social media c […] […]

  2. Nespresso loves commercial story-telling am 10.11.2010 11:27 

    […] Schreiben Sie einen Kommentar Tweet Nespresso loves to do commercial story-telling. In my eyes this is done in a really effective and impressive way. Although the commercials are produced for TV, they make their way from a buzz point of view on the web when you look at the social media metrics. The number of likes, ratings, comments and “embedded content” tell us how to do some good viral as well (without obeying the secrets of a viral). […]

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