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Let’s celebrate…! This is News Update number 250! The plan was to write it every working-day. To be honest… A day has only 24-hours (it’s shame it hasn’t 36…!). Sometimes I do need some sleep. And I have the plan to write one post a day as it is a weblog and not a publishers magazine… ;-)!

We will be celebrating this special edition focussing solely on the future of social networks… AND…
I will be drawing an excellent bottle of Italian wine and 3 specially designed The Strategy Web aluminium keyring bottle openers for everybody answering one of the following question!

Location Based Services Social Networks
Foursquare, Gowalla, Brightkite were the first mobile location-based service social networks. Now, Facebook starts with their Places.
The question is… Who will survive and why…?

Business Networks
LinkedIn, Bebo, XING, Facebook, hi5, orkut.
The question is… Are „private social networks“ winning against real business networks…?

Private Social Networks
Facebook, MySpace, friendster, Perfspot, Zorpia, Netlog
The question is… Will private and business networks merge in the future…?

Outstanding Countires – Social Networks
Tuenti (Spain), Bebo (India, Portugal, Brasil), Lokalisten and VZ Networks (Germany), Nasza-klasa (Poland), Vkontakte (Russia)
The question is… Will these networks survive against the global networks in the long-run…?

Looking forward to your feedback and Good luck for the draw on September 01st, 2010!

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  1. News Update – Best of the Day am 28.10.2010 13:29 

    […] like Many Eyes from IBM or from TNS Digital Life have enabled the latest demographics on our modern social web stats globally. Google offer some cool visualization tools like Google Chart Tool which can as well be modified. […]

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