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Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn seem to be not enough social networks for the world. The Wall Street Journal is even asking already who has time for another one… I would assume nobody but still there are more and more coming up. See the latest 3 social network innovations from some students, Apple and AEG…

Now, on 15th of September we are awaiting the launch of Diaspora, a community managed social network, which will start with the vision „The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network“. The project is financed by and is looking at an investment fund of 182.000 USD. The four students driving the project will compete against Facebook’s efforts to monetize on Social Graph data knowledge – and Mark Zuckerberg is said to have invested in the project as well.

The second new „social network“ is basically an extension of Apple’s iTunes 10 platform – called Ping. Richard MacManus explaines the social network and all the feature here. The main basic features are the opportunity to comment and rate on music, use the ‚like‘ button we know from Facebook and it offers the same asymmetry that Twitter has, in that you can ‚follow‘ people and music stars that don’t necessarily have to follow you back. The monetization strategy behind it is clear but still quite aggressive to me. Sharing Richard’s view that I absolutely agree with from a user’s point of view…

„The fact that you need to be inside the iTunes Store to create new content or like something, seems a rather cynical move to encourage people to buy more music. Why not let users search inside Ping for a song or album? Or, even better, let them right-click and comment, like or rate music from within the iTunes player?“

The third new social network I found was created by HUGE, digital agency in the US and part of the Interpublic network. The company just launched a new social platform, called Perfunkt for Electrolux, via their AEG brand. Perfunktis looking for perfect functionality, ideas and techniques. It is said to represent the biggest bet on branded content and social media by a major appliance brand to date. The platform is already generating new heights of engagement with consumers around branded content through stunning videos and one-on-one interactions with users.

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  1. Sommertheater im Social Web | Cirquent Blog am 10.09.2010 13:39 

    […] Mitten im August erschien die neue ARD/ZDF Online-Studie, derzufolge nahezu 50 Millionen Deutsche das Internet nutzen. Für großes Echo sorgte die Ankündigung von Facebook, mit Places einen eigenen Lokalisierungdienst zu launchen. Bleibt abzuwarten, wie die “Zusammenarbeit” des Social Web Giganten mit den Zwergen Gowalla und Foursquare bei diesem Thema denn genau aussehen soll. Übrigens: Die Isarrunde nahm das Thema lokalisierte Internetdienste neulich auch gewinnbringend unter die Lupe. Über sonstige Neuerungen im Netz, darunter das Projekt Diaspora, das gegen Facebook antreten will, berichtet Strategyweb. […]

  2. The World after Advertising & The Internet of Things am 29.11.2010 10:58 

    […] took market share of them. Do I not see an advent on the horizont from the guys at Paths and Diaspora…?! – Facebook penetrates APAC >2bn users – My answer: Defintely worth a try for […]

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