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How many user will access the internet in 2025? Well, according to a study conducted by Cisco and the Monitor Group’s Global Business network, throughout the next 15 years the number of users is expected to increase dramatically and reach approximately 5 billion users worldwide

Stats on Social Networking in Asia Pacific were difficult to find. A Comscore study now shows data: Half of all Internet users visit a social networking site each month.

„Although Asia Pacific as a region reports lower social networking usage than other regions (due largely to low broadband penetration in some markets as well as restricted usage in places such as China), usage across the region continues to increase rapidly. Several markets in Asia were some of the most avid users of social networking in the world including the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, which each saw more than 90 percent of their online population social networking during the month.“

Who is responsible for sharing the masses of content? 27% of ‘Frequent Sharers’ (6 stories each week) were responsible for 87% of all news shared online, writes Freshnetworks.

Although social media is not talking about reach, you might use Tweetreach to find out how many people your latest tweets have addressed.

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    Aufschlussreicher Post. Schadet wohl nicht, sich damit näher zu befassen. Ich freue mich auf weitere Beiträge.

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