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Today, many companies and brands try to detect the value and a successful integration process of social networking and social media inside their offices. Silvia Chambie writes about Unicredit’s path of approaching social media strategically. From implementing OneNet, a social media site, that facilitates „networking, knowledge sharing and online collaboration” among its employees to encouraging people to participate. But also, management sent a clear message to their employees: „Our message to them is ‘don’t suffer – but take charge through social media“.

Talking about the future of TV (with respect to the influence of online) seems to be one of the topics this week. hulu CEO Jason Kilar shares the Hulu team’s point of view on the future of TV on the one hand. On the other, Yahoo comes up with a study that predicts the future of TV will be online, and states the convergence of online and TV is here already. Advertising will play a key role in the development.

„Two in five consumers said they are interested in content relevant to the commercials they see. In fact, more than 50% of survey respondents reported that they are likely to interact with an ad on Yahoo! Connected TV. This increases to 63% for current Internet TV users and among those interested in Yahoo! Connected TV (70%).“

Maybe this is an example for the TV future proof above? Versus might not be a sports network you know but their commercial engages the audience of those who like their sports offering. Maybe one minute too long and not the best editing, still somehow nicely produced…

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