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The mobile breakthrough was first named probably about six6 years ago, if not earlier. John Bell now hints to 4 killer slides that demonstrate why 2011 could be the year of the mobile revolution, and tells us how to align your mobile strategy. He based his reasons on the growing use of social networks in combination with mobile, the evolution of the mobile device which could be a tablets or car technology, and the evolution of location-based shopping.

Some companies think about getting rid of email at the workplace. While the younger generation merges their private emails with business emails… The email management company Mimecast released a survey showing that „85% of what Mimecast dubs „Generation Gmail“ – employees 25 years old and younger – have used personal email accounts to send work-related documents“. And the reason is nothing new… size limits of their official work email accounts.

Many companies are asking me how to create content for their YouTube channels. SapientNitro shows in an interesting video how old school journalism moves into modern journalism 2.0. Just go to the streets, interview people about social media usage and consumers relationships with socially-conscious companies. Generate different voices from offline to go online. Radio stations have done this the audio way, companies now can do it in audio-video quality easily. Make others and yourself heard in an intelligent way…

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