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A recent Deloitte survey states that 74% of Americans believe higher prices could slow their spending in the months ahead. Deloitte’s study also revealed that mobile and social connections are helping shoppers make savvier buying decisions. Interesting is also the finding about social and mobile influence. 32% said stores are running out of merchandise faster, and shoppers appear to be turning to their mobile phones to locate product inventory and seek guidance in the shopping process. People with web-enabled smartphones (32%), more than 43% said they have used it specifically in a store to assist in their shopping. Furthermore, 40% consumers surveyed interact with retailers through social networking sites to find out about promotions, browse products, or review recommendations.

PS: If you want to see how the future of shopping online could merge sales and customer service, check out his video by 3LiveShop.

What is the future of work? Jocelyn K. Glei suggest that it is play and he finds some logic and thought-provoking explanation why. He bases his findings on „Social pressure, competition, time pressure, novelty… these mechanics are pretty powerful universally“. And an interesting article from NY Times

It is always interesting to listen to what futurist say about the future of mobile. Dr. James Canton discusses in a one-on-one interview with One+ Editor in Chief David Basler at DigitalNow 2011 the affects of mobile on the meetings and events industry.

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