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I could have written a post on Social Media and the never ending search for ROI. Sometimes it is better though if you just share. Karine Joly is disucssing the holy grail of Social Media which could be seen in… analysis. The post also reminds me of two post from last year: Online ROI and Social Media Monitoring: Still a difficult topic for companies. Analysis is time-consuming – maybe the reason why companies avoid putting attention to it…

A recent study by Cisco is assuming that Internet traffic is to quadruple by 2015. The key driver in Internet traffic growth will be the use of video thinks Doug Webster, Director of marketing for Cisco Service Provider.

„The types of connected devices will continue to grow, Cisco said. In 2010, PCs generated 97 percent of consumer Internet traffic. However, by 2015, that number will drop to 87 percent, a reflection of the rise of tablets, smartphones, connected TVs and other devices consumers are using to access the Internet. (…) There is a strong uptick in the use of video,“ he said. „The network experience is much more visual in nature.“

Sometimes, I like ads just because they fit the brand. And sometimes, as the message is so true if you want to become a leader in thoughts, in ideas, in visions, in makin a case. Keep walking!

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