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Does social media activity during work distract employees from productivity? Shel Holtz knows why blocking social networking (48% of companies still prevent people from using Facebook and Twitter at work), is less distractive than email processing and switching windows (for further reading have a look at Social Engagement & Jobs). He quotes that email or answering a cell phone call account for 83% of in-meeting interruptions which I think is even worth, when you see people in meetings being engaged on their iPhones and Blackberries.

„There are issues with the study as well, which reports that the hour spent each day on distractions accounts for “$10,375 of wasted productivity per person annually,” which translates to $10 million per year for a 1,000-employee company. (…) It’s worth noting that today’s productivity levels are considerably higher, and that studies like the one from the University of Melbourne prove that unobtrusive breaks increase productivity by up to 9%.“

In the last three years, I have told many managers why productivity won’t get lost if employees use the Social Web during work. Just think about how much loss in productivity you have with Football World Cups, people smoking or chating during work. Well, I would rather prefer finding the eager Gen Y and Z generation, and having them engaged as brandvangelists in conversations…

Ever thought about the value of a fan? Of course you have as your bosses want toknow what ROI metrics your Facebook brings to the retail activities your business is engaged in. A study by Hitwise tells us…„1 Facebook fan = 20 additional visits to your website over the course of one year“. What sounds good for retailers, still does not mean that all Facebook Fanpage sites can rely and profit like those companies covered by the study. It is important to understand the metrics behind the figures, so you better read carefully before you start spending on advertising straight away…

If you think wireless technology is critical to our health, while music is good, then watch out for The Human Jukebox by Pause in Stockholm. No pain, no gain? Or just a great idea…?

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