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Looking to increase the number of people who access your Facebook apps? A recent MIT study gives three insights marketers should watch out for…
1. Adding a personalized message feature (such as, „Hey! check out my new favorite app“) substantially increases adoption (three times more effective per message).
2. Notifications and invites outperform ad campaigns used in their recruitment phase on Facebook. Viral strategies are up to 10 times more effective than banner ads in converting users and around twice as effective as email advertising.
3. If companies and brands are looking to secure the most amount of committed users inside of a campaign app, personalized messages might be the way to go.
The study could be summarized that we are still in a trial-and-error mode in what works, what doesn’t work, and „how to improve–instead of choosing one strategy and praying it was better than all of the others“.

Finding valueable Augmented Reality apps is a time-consuming effort. Tripwire Magazine has done a trip through the AR world and found 45 (I would say 20) interesting iPhone apps that are worth exploring. My favorite five ones are… Star Walk, Yelp, Golfscape GPS Rangefinder, Theodolite Pro, and the best branded apps Stella Artois – Bar Guide.

Do you know what sharing means? One of the greatest sharing campaign comes from Casa do Zezinho: Share Project. Watch it, spread the idea, and support the campaign, so it can be expanded throughout the countires that could need it…!

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