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Have you ever though intensely about how to create your key word list for your social media activities? Brian Campbell has written a valuable resource with some tools to built a successful key word list. Thus, he reflects on,, and Amazon. Well, there is something we all have to think about…

After Facebook said ‚NO!‘ to buying Twitter, no wonder that the world wants Google thinking about a merger. Marketingpilgrim gives some insight and thinks ‚Not a bad idea‚. But let’s face it. This talk is a rumor and nothing more. If Twitter had the idea of selling, why should they have taken 35 mio. investment cash last week. And why should they then have increased their shareholders group? Does that make sense…?

How many people use social networks in Europe? Comscore provides some data with their latest analysis: Three quarters of all European internet users are registered in at least one community or one social network. 211 mio. users (15+ of age) visited in December at least one of these portals, says Comscore. 79.8% of UK internet users visited social networking websites in December (29.2 million unique visitors), Germany comes in at number two.

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