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Ever thought about how the press release might look like then, now and tomorrow? Mark Senak did, and created a very interesting insight on how the new social media world will change PR efforts in the future.

Ever thought about how b2b buyers and technology business decision makers use social technologies? Forrester did. Jeremiah Owyang writes about the most interesting findings… and finds the right arguments for the boss that does not trust in the value of social technology. This data might be convincing and helpful…

Ever thought about how to increase traffic on your website traffic? Sure you did. But did you read the right 3 SEO strategies and ranked them? Richard Martin did, and shares his thoughts on maximizing traffic based on links, content and quality.
For German users: Kostenloser Leitfaden – 30 SEO-Strategien für Unternehmen. Download hier.

PS: Ever thought about how you feel when explaining Twitter… I did. If you want to have a look…

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