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Yesterday, I joined an interesting webinar with Michael Leander-Nielsen on Marketing through Social Networks. In the webinar a question was raised on ‚What’s the difference between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Fan Page‘? As this seemed to be a question for a lot of marketers, I send the link from Ann Smarty through the webinar pipe. As this has been commented continually, it is still a helpful resource. Generally speaking, she says…

Pages are generally better for a long-term relationships with your fans, readers or customers; Groups are generally better for hosting a (quick) active discussion and attracting quick attention.

There has been a lot of talk about digital trends in the last weeks which is normal for the turn of the year. Now, Edelman published ‚Five Digital Trends to Watch for 2009‘ which was commented by George Dearing. Generally speaking (my opinion to the trends)…

* Companies need to find the time and resources for the new web 2.0 customer engament mechanics.
* Media needs to find a new approach from profiting of micro-blogging, blogs and linking mechanics.
* ‚Aggregation‘ and ‚filter‘ will become the words of the future networking business.
* People will increase their social media activities and define, explore and market their personal branding.
* Content was, is and will stay king of web success.

Are you a CEO? Have you ever thought about blogging? No… OK, here is why you should and why you shouldn’t. Well, now it is up to you. It’s your choice…

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