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There are two guys that really do know what they are talking about in terms of our social media world: Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan. They have been ‚pretending‘ to sit at a fireside chat, talking about VC’s, Twitter, Search & Content Marketing, Blogging and Responding to Criticism. I am really sharing Guy’s view on search ‚…SEO as „witchcraft,“ and is first to admit that he doesn’t actually know anything about it.“ Valuable content rules!

Did you know that via Facebook Ads there is an option to target ads by location and language? Sarah Perez explains how this new targeting process works.

Have you ever thought on how you are making money online. David Heinemeier Hansson (Ruby on Rails/37signals) has. And he shared his views with Start Up School 2008 reviewing the past from 2000 which is in everybody’s mind but it seems we all have forgotten about it. This is a great speech on the motivation to build a profitable business, not just a business for the sake of it…

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