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Today, it’s easy reading with a ‚How to‘-session…

Imagine you want to avoid bad clients? Well, if your business is in danger of taking the wrong orders, then you should read the ’10 types of bad clients‘ by Laura Spencer. This stereotyping description is a nice idea, and definitely all of us have experienced at least one of these types in business…

Imagine, you just got hired, but don’t like the job? How you tweet yourself out of it… Great example by Hutch Carpenter. The best learning is the history of this accident… BUT don’t worry, there is some great advice by Tara Weiss on How to blog into a job….

…and finally try to imagine your memory is like a child. We should all not forget what makes us pay checks when we are successful. Nice read on PuneMirror on ‚How to nourish your money‘.

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