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Sometimes it gives you a great feeling to have foreseen some upcoming development… Twitter confirms plans on paid pro-accounts.

„Key point: Companies and individuals will always be able to use Twitter for free; the for-sale features will be add-ons.“ says co-founder Biz Stone.

From the top 6 web-sites world-wide according to, there are 4 search engines and two sites that are not: and Jamie Zoch did a random search engine keyword study, TLD, Hyphen and found two things: ‚.com domain names are a MUST‘ and ‚Sub domains are nothing to sneeze at!‘.

History as a lesson in primary school is ‚out‘, Twitter, wikis and blogs are ‚in‘ – at least if the UK education system will be starting the new curriculum. The Guardian published an article on the idea of a change in the English education system. In terms of educating children on the modern communication options and risks this is probably a good idea, but the question remains if this is not the parents‘ job – and obviously history knowledge will suffer.

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