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Now that we are all in many different social networks, it is time to find a social network aggregation tool. At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, a company called Nomee promised to be the ‚all-in-one networking software … the tool that helps manage them all‘. This tool is
aggregating all social networking sites, in some way like PeopleBrowsr that puts all networks and identities into one single window. But Nomee is offering some more: it’s acts like a social identity management tool (enables to control which identities shared with which people). Sarah Perez writes more on the new service.

Sometimes we should think about how annoying social media habits could be in real life. Microsoft and Julian Smith did. If it is interactions we love to do on a daily business in social networks and with micro-blogging tools or the ’25 things we hate about Facebook’…

Some companies take a different approach in their ad strategy, like The Coldwell Banker. CMO Michael Fischer follows the long tradition and explains why he continued to keep the painted portraits of the 103-year-old company’s founders as the icon of the real estate giant’s marketing campaigns. The ad age interview is an interesting example that your web-strategy has to listen to your target group needs while combining the old and the new advertising values.

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