One view into the future of mobile payment – Google wallet… (video)

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Some weeks ago, I have written about the changing world of mobile payment and how the future could look like. Some major players in the world want a world without cash and Google does so, too. They announced their Android app Google Wallet some months ago which could easily replace the credit cards in the future if people will trust and rely on the power of one of the major internet players. And in times where mobile commerce is taking more market share from desktops, it is not a surprising approach to think about the future payment methods.

Many payments are done via credit or debit cards these days, smartphones have become our shopping companion. And while I have mentioned the future of loyalty cards merging with Social Media more than a year ago, many people already combine their loyalty cards and their cedit card provider. Now, just imagine you could also pay all your shopping products with one simple app?! Tap, pay, go – next shop, next purchase! No little snippets of paper for each payment. And, all out of one hand… (at least for those of you who want to give Google access to all your data)…

Adzag has published a nice video which illustrates the future of mobile wallet payment…

Spot On!
By 2015 mobile web access will outpace desktop access according to IDC’s latest mobile research. The future of mobile payment –whether through Google or some other company- seems to be not far away if you look at the different ways of mobile payment options today. Techcrunch doubts the NFC hype though and we will see what the future brings. Nevertheless, it is much easier if you imagine that every shopping activity you do, generates one business contact card with customer service details for you on every purchase. The digital wallets are not far away anymore and they could make our lives much easier. Don’t you think…?

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3 Kommentare zu "One view into the future of mobile payment – Google wallet… (video)"

  1. Florian am 13.09.2011 09:49 

    Even though it’s a great video, I doubt that it was created by AdZag. It seems to be the same video that was shown at the presentation of Google Wallet in May. And that Video strangely wasn’t available as a single YouTube-Clip for a long time.

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 13.09.2011 12:21 

    Florian, thank you for your feedback. You might be right. Maybe they have just made it available and put their branding in. Have send an email through to them…

  3. Videos about new mobile payment technologies | 522 Productions am 15.09.2011 04:53 

    […] platform and included a video (first video embedded below). Also, I came across an article on TheStrategyWeb that included a video about Google Wallet and how this technology may work in the near future […]

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