Only few websites trustworthy? Yes, says OTA study…

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Adopting standards to cut down online fraud is obviously not one of the major topics retailers are checking their web site business for. The Online Trust Alliance confirms this stement. Their recent study results illustrate that only 8% of consumer web sites made it onto the organization’s „honor roll“ of sites taking stringent measures to reduce online fraud enabled by forged emails, phishing sites and malware.

The survey looked at 1,200 web sites and 500 million emails purporting to be from either Fortune 500 companies, top Internet retailers or federal government web sites.

The group set up an honor roll of companies that it said are free of malware and free of links to sites containing malware. Sites that got listed also have extended validation SSL certificate which is used by web sites that scramble or encrypt sensitive data transmitted during online transactions.

The 500 top Internet retail sites had the highest percentage on the OTA honor roll at 14%. Federal government sites finished with the worst results. Only 3% made it to the honor roll.

Some further findings…
– 8% (113 companies) earned entry into the OTA 2010 Online Safety Honor Roll, for their adoption of EV SSL Certificates, one or more forms of email authentication and successful scan for malware.
– Over 26% of the Internet Retail 500 and top 100 financial services companies have adopted EV SSL certificates.
– Worldwide growth of EV SSL certificates has exceeded 90%, growing to 23,000 deployments.
– 14% of the Internet Retail 500 and 13% of the Top 100 FIs have adopted both email authentication and EV SSL certificates.

„While major corporations, banks, governmental agencies and industry working groups talk about best practices, the majority are failing to adopt, risking demands for added regulations.“ Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President, OTA.

On the honor roll were top technology companies like Apple Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., eBay Inc. and PayPal.

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