Panel: Social Media & Effective Ways to Advertise

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dmexco-sepiaThis week is one of the highlights in the online industry. Online industry? Well, let’s say online marketing industry… – It’s the week of the newly launched dmexco – digital marketing exposition and conference.

So, more or less all digital marketers and agencies, portal owners, online experts, media/pr consultants and interactive sales are traveling to Cologne to get the latest buzz and trends on digital marketing and sales philosophy.

In the last weeks, there has been a lot of talk about changes in the monetization of social networks like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter – and the options for marketers to spend their budgets effectively within social networks. With the rise of social media the tables in the online marketing industry are turning and budgets will be relocated towards social media marketing.

It is no surprise that the dmexco will also be focusing on this topic – and I am feeling honored to be the host of the panel called…

„Social Media: Show me the money – effective ways to advertise“
Congress Hall – Thursday, 24th of September 2009

The panel will be having an introduction speech by Blake Chandlee, vice president and commercial director EMEA for Facebook, on the impact of social media on both consumers and advertisers – as well as both the challenges and opportunities this presents.

The panelists will be….
Joel Berger – Managing Director GSA & Northern Europe, Fox Interactive Media Germany, MySpace Germany
Alison Fennah – Executive Director, European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA)
Tony Douglas – Innovation Manager, BMW
Tim Meier – Brand Manager, Bacardi
Felix Holzapfel – Managing Partner, conceptbakery Germany

And the challenge for the host…?
The host has to get two sides of the coin engaged in the discussion with the same intensity: the platform owners and the brand marketers. Both are depending on the success of online advertising within social media and social networks – and in some mails all panelist were very excited about the panel.

For the platform owners the main questions will be…
– What is the future of advertising space?
– Traffic, Electricity, IT for millions of users: Who is going to pay the bill…?
– From „freemium“ to „premium“: Is it better to let the user pay for the service?
– Old school and new business: Will marketers monetize social media like they did it in the past with traditional media?

For the marketers the main questions will be…
– Old school and new business: Is the amount of time in telling and selling mode shifting to listening?
– Is advertising in the social media world still advertising the way we learned it?
– Concerning social media marketing budgets, are we facing a trial and error era?
– Where and how shall marketers spend digital budgets and what are successful ‚advertising‘ models?
– Do companies have to realign their web-strategy before they start advertising in social media?
– Agencies and the advertising industry vs. Social Media – a cultural clash or a creative challenge?

So, there is a lot of topics to discuss. And if you have some more input, you can send us your questions during the panel to Or just send me an email or comment on this blog…

Looking forward to your ideas and questions…

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