Poll: Mobile commerce taking market share of desktop shopping…

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Mobile commerce is definitely on the rise, and some technological trends seem to be making an impact on this fast development in the future. According to data from the Global Consumer Survey from MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce, consumers embrace mobile commerce globally: 91% in UK and 79% in Brazil have used their mobile device for commerce, to either research or purchase a product.

The MEF’s Global Consumer Survey commissioned OnDevice Research was conducted in nine countries across five continents, and polled 8,530 respondents. The findings showed that the number of people getting engaged in mobile commerce did not drop below 72% in any of the markets surveyed.

The research shows that 82% of UK respondents access the mobile web on a daily basis – Brasil was even higher with 84%. It seems that the opportunity to have a mobile device with internet access at hand, takes the importance and necessity to have access and use to desktops to go shopping online. 41% of Brazilians and 34% of UK respondents access the internet on their PCs less often than 18 months ago.

„This global research clearly demonstrates that consumers across the world are embracing mobile as a key access point for their content and commerce needs. (…). It also illustrates that mobile is an essential platform for companies wishing to drive consumer engagement and monetise their goods, services and digital products“. Andrew Bud, Global Chairman, MEF

Spot On!
The only issue people have with mobile commerce is the lack in trust in security. The study says that over a quarter of North American consumers would buy more often on their mobile if they trusted the security. Nevertheless, 38% have already purchased via their smartphones. Mobile banking gains ground in some countries (32% in Singapore regularly check their balance on a wireless device, and 18% pay bills). No doubt about that. However, most people globally will probably wait with mobile commerce some more years. No matter which payment method will be the future but definitely for sums of 100 USD and above. Don’t you think?

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