Positive business is driven by motivation

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We all know that the financial crisis created a business crisis which becomes now an overall ‚word-of-mouth crisis‘ it seems but nobody does something to end this trend. To work against the economic pessimists, let’s elaborate on positive thoughts as this is the only way to motivation.

Well, in the first place positive business has got to make us happy. Furthermore, it needs to focus the optimistic and affirmative business point of view to find followers. Every crisis follows the opposite way of success but positive business definitely doesn’t. Now, what positive vibrations you will follow depends just on you and your business.

„Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock“, thinks Successman.“

The above quote is an example of a lot of positive thinking social medians that ‚follow‘ Twitter to get input on positive business. Yesterday night I was motivated to write this post, inspired by somebody who tweeted…

„Shake the hand of a stranger, just to get that good to go feeling.“ Dr_Manhattan

Yes, this is a great experience, right? In our world of Twitter, Facebook, XING, LinkedIn, and so on, even more. We all should not forget the face to face benefit of the offline world – in our private life as well as in the business atmosphere. One glass of wine with a potential client might change your business in the positive direction. Try to find out who this client could be, ok?

The Positive First Impression
The most positive feeling comes with good personal value like a clear ethic business attitude, nice gestures, awesome mimic which all in all create the glorious first impressions. The first 15 seconds count when standing face to face in front of somebody. This is what you need to remember in hard economic circumstances. One to one communication is key – not online but offline in the first place! And then you need to live it, talk about it, work with it and find the wise view – online!

The Positive Business Leader
All business leaders need to keep keep the pace and trust in the business up. As a positive business leader we cannot see the future with pessimistic eyes of hopelessness and distrust. We don’t hide in the business-cocoon of past success just because the mass media cannot open a can of smilies for the future. We work on the next success, no matter how hard it will be. We explore the ‚glass is half-full‘ perspective on a daily basis – not the web of desperately seeking ‚the glass is half-empty‘ ‚click-through-generating‘ strategy. Don’t hold on to the old straw like traditional media and businesses do. So, avoid watching the news on television in the evening… and better read the positive business manifesto.

The Five YES for Positive Business
YES, we want to talk of success in order to turn the crisis around like a Twitter message from Gregor Gross does it: „Crisis also means chance. This is the biggest crises of our generation, so it is the biggest chance of our lifetime.“ Yes, this is positive business thinking! This is what we need to focus on, not the old school media, posts, articles that are pushing the crisis news on war, death and recession.

YES, if your business is still finding clients, be aware of making the best out of it. Keep in touch with the realistic offline world and don’t have negative aspects accompanying your way of selling and marketing your business. What was best practice in good times will remain worthy in trying market conditions. If companies loose trust in the business, the clients will follow – there is no way out. Better push yourself to the top – mentally as well as physically!

„Offline and online go hand in hand on the road to success.“ Vision of The Strategy Web

YES, the multiplier of positive business is the employee that simply needs to be motivated by the business leaders in order to work on positive reach. Management tends to forget to touch the basis of the business. The successful business leader keeps the information flow up and running, finds the easy but client-orientated solution. Creativity for new products, services and deals follows without any big efforts. Check out this excellent marketing idea here for example and think how to transfer it to your business. While in some way and for the short term the Apple i-tunes approach (free i-tunes downloads for students via the social networks studiVZ in Germany, see picture) might be resource-demanding, social media is the best and modern way to catalyze business reach as a long-term strategy.

YES, we need to rethink our capabilities and efficiency in a fast-turning business environment. If we work harder, analyze our margins better and don’t focus on inefficient barter deals, we minimize our wasted time, resulting in a self-motivating business environment. Experienced business leaders know that meetings and huge reporting structures have to be minimized as well… do I have to say that? Well, I think it’s better to mention it again and again.

YES, be the first and set the new standard. The market gets cleaned in harder, stressful business times. BUT after the downturn the upside of the economy was always quite close, bigger and more profitable than ever before. Try to find the optimistic point of view in daily news and twitter, share, digg, network those. Foil the truth with real best practice of your industry – sometimes you and your company just have to be the distributor. The image of the trendsetter and the best researcher for ideas follows without any further help, marketing and efforts.

Spot On!
There are multiple aspects for positive business. Those business leaders who simplify, prioritize, stay focused on success and believe in their business capabilities will be the heroes in the future. Motivation is the key-word and this cannot be linked with the word ‚crisis‘.

Stop grumbling, start smiling!
Stop hiding, start leading!
Stop moaning, start moving!

This is my positive business advice for every business leader.

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