Reports indicate, Facebook has value for B2B business…

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Many discussions have been going on in the past two years with people who participated in the Social Media seminars and workshops I held recently. And there is still a „fight“ going on how much B2B value Facebook has, and for which industry sectors Facebook is relevant, or if only for promotions and campaigns.

TBG Digital, a Marketing and technology company, has revealed some statistics now. The company put together a study called „Global Facebook Advertising Report“ which analysed 200 billion impressions from 167 clients.

The report states that there is a 435% improvement in campaign conversion rates if companies and brands are targeting existing fans. Brand campaigns on Facebook grew by 104% quarter on quarter, and some industry sectors profit more than others, especially retail gains benefits…

The data provided highlights that one of the top five areas of growth is the business and industrial sector. Mentioning the amazing growth of these business areas, the report suggests that this ia the fact for the B2B value of Facebook which is „fast becoming a valid B2B marketing channel“.

If we combine these findings with a study published by digital agency The Group yesterday, the B2B picture becomes even more value. The Social Media Leaders tracking study revealed UK Facebook usage increased massively among FTSE 100 companies by more than 50% in the last six months.

Spot On!
The reports are more indicators (than proof) for the value of Facebook for B2B. It is not surprising that companies prefer to use Twitter (41%) to Blogging (12%) according to the The Group report. In the end, it takes resources to establish an effective presence with a powerful blog which is easier to be executed via Facebook (although another study claims that customer satisfaction is not the best at Facebook). However, I would see the value for B2B more in steady blogging effort than in Facebook (ad campaigns) but it depends again on what the objectives of the Social Media activity on Facebook will be.

How do you see that? Is Facebook a B2B platform? And if so, only for marketing and sales efforts or campaigns?

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