Screens of the future – Merging Augmented Reality and 3D Apps

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What happens if we are merging Augmented Reality and 3D applications in the car industry? After the last vision of Toyota which explored the futuristic rear seat window called „Window to the World“ and the Corning „Day Made of Glass„, or Microsoft’s productivity vision of the future, this is another fantastic vision of the capabilities of modern technology in the future.

This business vision, called the Aeon Project, won the 1st place at the Imagina Awards for Best Design and Communication. It is thinking ahead of time and explores the merger of Augmented Reality & 3D applications in a mobility mode.

The Aeon project is not only about the navigation or connected drive mode opportunities, you might know from other car manufacturers. It offers some interactive knowledge management via selectable applications which gives the user the chance to learn about the world around us. It just takes a simple swipe of finger and the screen tells you more about the history of buildings or gives information about restaurants nearby.

It also offers customization features. Whether you want virtual reality, mixed reality or augmented reality, the system can shift from facts to figures to graphics. The real connection of online and offline…

Do you like that…?

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