Sharing study: Men or Women the best brand advocates?

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Women are from Venus, men from Mars. And John Gray’s famous book title, can be applied to the different Social Web usage as well as the genders are also different in terms of sharing information on the Social Web. 

A recent study by AOL and Nielsen shows that men are more likely to share online content than women. A fact that could become interesting for marketers when thinking about the importance of brand advocats, and if you intend to build a strategy approach for your brand around this fact. 

The study that was published by MediaPost states that there are more women online than men – 53% versus 47%. However, slightly more men (51% vs. 49%) share more content on the Social Web than women.

The funny thing is that women are obviously valuable brand advocates, too. The results tell us that women (33%) are slightly more likely than man (31%) to share information related to interests like arts or news for parents.

Still, men are far more likely than women to share information that helps them „position themselves as experts,“ says AOL’s senior marketing director, Kristin Kovner. 42% of men will share information such as thoughtleadership reports but only 32% of women.

Spot On!
Although many marketers acknowledge the challenge of addressing gender properly with quality social content, many marketers lack the opportunity of having the right resources for production. The study stressed the importance of social content marketing which should be a top priority for 2011. And I would add… See social content marketing from the aspect of custom content marketing, and have a look at this study to see that many marketers spend a lot of their budgets for it this year. And then try to figure out if men and women react different to brand advocate programms based on content sharing.

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