Smile = the key to social business success

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For years, the world has thought about the key that perfectly describes what makes business people successful. One of the most important factors is an anthropological challenge (in my eyes) that should be so easy to be implemented for all businesses …and still can so seldomly be found in our social web world.

We business people just have to…

S = Social customer thinking is smart!
M = Market and measure constantly!
I = Invent, improve, innovate and stay involved!
L = Listen to your customers (…or just leave it)!
E = Engage your (potential) customers!

If you read these eight links, integrate the ideas in your business strategy, live it and go out -offline and online- to embrace customers, then these customers will pay back – with a SMILE.

Don’t you think?

PS: Sending you all a smile with this post!

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