Social Media budgets included in marketers web-strategy?

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A recent study launched by theAberdeen Group (published yesterday via eMarketer) says that 63% of companies plan to increase social media marketing budgets in 2009. And the study, sponsored by Visible Technologies, lays some more open if we take a closer look at the figures.

We can even see that 21% of those surveyed plan to increase social media spending by (and more than) 25%. Only 3% will be decreasing their their social media budgets (34% will not change their budgets).

Nevertheless, we have to be careful about these figures, although these seem to be showing the rise of importance of social media inside companies marketing budgets. If we think of what happens if there is no powerful measurement and results involved, then all the good news will disappear. And when 59% of the marketers said they found it „difficult“ or „very difficult“ to measure social media marketing, then we probably have to re-evaluate the numbers.

Spot On!
Although the economy is in a crisis, the spend for social media increases. The question may be raised if we continue talking about Facebook and MySpace as the main driver of ’social-media-vangelism‘, or if companies will start considering what else there might be: Twitter starting to find their ad model, blogs still trying to create an appropriate measurement policy or wikis not even in a real development phase of monetization as it seems.
There is a lot to speculation around how to spend money in the social media industry. BUT … aren’t social media budgets as a whole budget still below old-school media spending like print or TV ads and so on (not more than 100K USD according to a Forrester report). And another question: ad revenue or general social media money for setting up a strategy? However critical we might evaluate the numbers, the market for social media seems to become a start-up industry.

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  1. Blake Cahill am 24.03.2009 06:43 

    Danke vielmals!for mentioning the study to your audience in Germany.


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