Social Media cases and the competition approach

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Today is the day to recap on social media case studies…

Seeing all the campaigns in the last weeks, I wonder if the competition approach is the only way to make customers aware of social media marketing activities and to motivate them to participate?

Three examples shall illustrate the state of the art of starting conversations with social media…

If a company wants to do a charity project, they should just be doing it. What you should better not do, is using social media (and especially a social media marketing campaign targeting your (potential) customers to establish a Facebook fan page) as a means to an end. The Hoover approach sounds to me like a bad case study…

„If Hoover gets 25k new fans on Facebook in the next 25 days, they will donate $25k to Cleaning for a Reason“

What do you think about the Hoover campaign? And taking this a bit further with the Scotties Facial case study, the problem becomes more obvious.

„For every new fan that we get on Facebook during the month of April, we will be donating $1 to ReLeaf USA (up to $10,000). Tell your friends!“

Why are these brands not just donating, and materializing social media for their marketer purpose? Isn’t this a poor marketing approach? Isn’t this the way to kill social media’s deepest intelligence: Talking with customers…?

If the customers or consumers understand the message: „This is a social media marketing campaign!“, then they seem to be properly addressed obviously. And then it seems that it is no problem to connect social media and marketing tactics. Although advertsing (and in my eyes these examples sound like advertising) and social media still seems to be an antithesis.

The most popular example is probably the competition case study of „The Best Job In The World“ by Tourism Queensland (Australia). Jeff Bullas knows all about the fantastic results and advices on the ingredients of a successful social media marketing campaign.

But still it seems to me that social media becomes more and more simply another (often perverted) new marketing channel for a lot of companies. And marketing campaigns that are meant to engage (potential) customers start with some kind of competition approach.

So, my question is: Are competitions the only way to motivate consumers? Curious about your thoughts, views and ideas…

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