Social Media Monitoring: Still a difficult topic for companies…

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social-media-monitoringReading the latest posts on social media and social networking, should make social media monitoring companies really happy.

A recent informal, small poll by MarketingProfs shows that companies are not measuring their social media ROI in an adequate way. Plus: The fourth “Power to the People: Social Media Tracker” study by UniversalMcCann shows that more and more internet users worldwide are engaged in social networks. For companies this makes it even more difficult to monitor the activities of their employees – if at all possible for big companies…

The MarketingProfs poll states that 80% of respondents replied that social measurement was either „important“ or „somewhat important“ to their business. But 70% admitted that their companies are not doing enough to track their social media activities – if it was blogs, Twitter, Facebook, content-sharing sites. So the final conclusion is that ROI results are not promising business success. Herein lies the future of social media monitoring companies.

The reason for this discrepancy between success and measurement ROI results is not the lack of resources only. The main leading problems are…
30% lack of resources
25% „don’t know what to measure“
20% „social media isn’t primarily about ROI“
14% lack of tools

„While social media marketing remains hugely popular, it’s clear from these results that few have confidence in their ability to track and measure it from an ROI perspective,“ said Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs. „Until marketers figure out the measurement game, brands may resist increasing their social media investments.“

activity-wwTaking this from a user perspective, the UniversalMcCann study shows that 62,5% of active worldwide internet users ages 16 to 54 have a social network profile. Thus, companies are in need of evaluating and listening to their employee’s activities on these social networks – especially to their top manager’s words. At some of these networks it is easy as these platforms can be monitored quite easily but others have ‚closed front-doors‘ which makes it easy to monitor the words being chatted on these platforms.

Spot On!
To have a social media monitoring strategy in place becomes more and more important for companies. Although there is a decline, consolidation or stagnation in the growth of social networks and social media activities as of the impossibility to be everywhere… – the challenge for companies to know how their employees are talking about brands, products or the company is still an important part of the modern web strategy, and their brand and product reputation. Web-strategist Jon Samsel just published which social media monitoring tools are being used by the top agencies and brands at the moment. Some good orientation for companies and some interesting reference for social media monitoring companies…

PS: Some days ago, I found this presentation on social media monitoring which gives some kind of overview on some of the well-known players and what social media monitoring is all about. A good point to start thinking about your company, right?

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9 Kommentare zu "Social Media Monitoring: Still a difficult topic for companies…"

  1. Sylvain am 29.08.2009 14:34 

    This post is very informative, thank you.

    There are many tools available that empower a company to monitor its brands and reputation. Some are free and rather simple to use (Google Alerts, for instance) while other are more complex but provide more data. In my opinion, a company should, at least, set up one Google Alert for its brand. This is crucial nowadays as anything can be said at anytime on social networks, blogs and other social media.

    Tools like Radian6 or ViralHeat, among others, are powerful social media monitoring tools that are worth the try.

  2. Marko am 16.09.2009 20:10 

    thanks for the article. the link from jon samsel isn`t workink. here is the correct one

  3. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 16.09.2009 20:59 

    Cheers for the hint…

  4. Leisenberg am 18.09.2009 15:16 

    Thanks for the very interesting numbers and comments,

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