Some insights in mobile business productivity

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This week I came across two studies which illustrate how much mobiles are changing business productivity these days and what the outlook is for business decision makers if they want to stay ahead of times.

Leaders in their field will take a close look at the 2010 year in review for mobile (video), the use of the multiple devices that enable more work mobility, flexible web access to inhouse technology and sales property, as well as the problem of fragmentation as tablets seem to re-define the business use of mobiles.

For (IT) managers the question for the future will be how much tablets can overcome the desktop history and in which technology to invest to increase business productivity.

A recent study by the University of Heilbronn gives insights in the latest market development of device shipment.

If we align this with the „always on“ philosophy, then we can imagine that the way we will be working in the future will get away from desktop towards a mobile workplace which could be the hotel lobby, a restaurant or on the couch, working in a relaxed atmosphere at home. The desktop won’t be the place of work. With increased mobile technology opportunities there will only be „working or not working“. The way to this new world will be changed when management enables their employees to have access to information anytime, anywhere. The study states that the „use of mobile technology can increase productivity of business travellers by 30-50%“.

How much smartphone could make a difference in this changing process of the future workplace highlights an infographic by the Sybase blog, part of SAP today, which is documenting compelling proof points of which IT and other executives need to be cognizant.

When I was chating (obviously via mobile) to my business contact Sarah Goodall, business blogger and social media lead EMEA at SAP, she gave me her personal thoughts on the changing mobile market yesterday… and I absolutely agree with her view.

„Smartphones and mobiles will be crucial for business productivity going forward. Mobile devices, similar to social media, are fast becoming part of everyday consumer behavior. It’s only natural that these behaviours will transfer and are adopted in business life. People want access to information real time – they want accuracy, they want it immediately and they want it at time of thought. It’s an instant world now and information needs to be transferable and accessible in real time. This will help professionals make informed decisions in real time. It will give them flexibility and agility to make decisions on the move. All of this will help toward productivity.“

The two studies show that having the right mobile app strategy in place will definitely boost the productivity of businesses. So, business decision makers should better hurry up and make their business „social and mobile ready“.

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