Study: Are you a natural born clicker?

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mausWe all know that banner advertising is still one of the online tactics by marketers love on their media plans when it comes to grow brand advertising and awareness generation. But when talking effectiveness and results, marketers just want to see page impressions and clicks in order to have the right CPC (cost-per-click) measurement for their success sheets.

Now, according to a recent study „Natural Born Clickers“ by ComScore and media agency Starcom, the people who are clicking display ads is exactly what the world does not have. The study results show that the success rate has dropped 50% in less than two years: Only 8% of internet users account for 85% of all clicks! One year ago, it was 16% that generated 80% of clicks. Doesn’t this sounds like the Twitter phenomenon where 10% are generating 90% of the tweets? Sounds like display advertising only accounts for a tiny group of internet users.

Well, one thing is for sure: Marketers are facing a problem in the future. If there is no valid click-through rate measurement anymore, how can they proof the success of their campaigns? Will it be the dwell-time method? Will it be the lead measurement? Will it be a new form of engagement method coming from the social web world? We all don’t know. And how do we think about this brand new US study saying: Internet users are opposed to being tracked?

For years, all web platform owners have been telling clients that a click is not only a click, right?! The Comscore study follows this approach and makes clear that a low number of clicks doesn’t necessarily mean banners are not performing. The question is… Is the CPC measurement method the wrong success metrics. What is the effect on branding and awareness? What the effect on search and research? What is the difference between a click on a B2B and B2C campaign? What is the effect of the online advertising world to the offline sales world?

The biggest challenge that the digital world in terms of measurement has to face is in which way it can get out of the vicious circle that the web industry has placed itself into. The web is trackable. Thus, a lot of evangelist have over exaggerated in telling everybody it has more value that print (as no-one could track print).

I held a lead generation webinar yesterday, and when it came to display advertising I advised the people with the following words:

„Don’t rate the click to high as you don’t know the effect of having seen a logo, a company name or a product brand on a banner might have had in the long run. Display advertising is meant to build trust early in the marketing field, long before someone becomes a lead in the sales funnel.“

Spot On!
In the old print world nobody has ever thought about the effectiveness topic. We had the good old copy tests as publishers – and that was it. But times are changing and the web is trackable. The question is what makes people click banners? And if there are natural born clickers in the world? I doubt it…

If you are one of these, please raise your hand and tell us if the click has the same value as seeing a banner ad without clicking it? Or how do you think about the click… Looking forward to your feedback.

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