Study: CMOs tied up by internal obstacles

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Facing significant challenging markets, chief marketing officers (CMO’s) understand their marketing operation models are in strong need of improvement when it comes to increasing strategic success of their businesses. Numerous internal obstacles such as cross-functional feedback loops, corporate cultures, poor adoption of customer relationship management systems, inter-departmental politics, and a lack of adequate data and information systems tie up their efficiency and the possibilities for customer engagement, says a recent study from the CMO Council

The study Calibrate How You Operate states a lack of top management support and not having ownership of profit and loss responsibilities are other relevant issues company CMO’s are struggling with. Marketer chiefs are afraid of their inability to implement needed marketing platforms and automation processes which they need to effectively support the company’s strategic growth initiatives.

“Marketing operations directly affect a company’s go-to-market strategies and other strategic growth initiatives. Unfortunately, Calibrate How You Operate reveals a disturbing trend: companies are not spending nearly as much time, energy and budgetary resources as necessary on marketing operational improvement to heighten their competitiveness and bolster their top and bottom lines.” adds Donovan Neale-May.

One problem of the modern CMO is that the company is not monitoring the competitors efficiency which is mirrored in the question „To what degree are competitive best practices being analyzed, tracked or adopted by your marketing team?“ 43% said „somewhat“, 15% „not at all.“, 32% „moderately“ and just 9% answered „extensively.“

„Companies don’t track and analyze what their competitors are doing,“ said Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO Council. „What we’re not seeing is the mindset to do this.“

An interesting finding from a web-marketing perspective is that CMO’s will continue to invest in web-centric platforms including email campaign management, web content management, eMetrics and web analytics platforms. Just 8% will challenge e-procurement and strategic sourcing topics.

Spot On!
Instead of focusing on their strategic goals, CMOs are being pricked by daily business efforts of tactical work. The question remains if these tactics are of an old-fashioned nature and like a never-ending „random act of marketing“. The good point is that customer engagement and customer centric communications are spot on for marketers. One sign for a shift towards targeted, focused and precise communications. The interesting point about this topic could be whether optimizing customer engagement, including improving go-to-market strategies and efficiency and delivering a unified and consistent message as the focus of CMO’s interest also bear a social media component in mind. A question that is not answered by the study.

The CMO Council study polled 406 marketing executives between November and January (online questionnaire and phone interviews).

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  1. Pete Brand am 24.02.2009 22:29 

    I am not surprised that such a low percentage of companies take the time or effort required to monitor what their competitors are doing. They are too busy using the web and other marketing materials to tell everyone how great they are.

    I believe that is why so many old school companies that used to dominate in their respective markets are losing that dominant position and in quite a few cases going out of business.

    Somehow these companies need to come to the realization that their prospective customers don’t care about them, their products, or their services. They only care about „what’s in it for them!“

    The only companies that will survive are those that understand this and act that way.

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