Study: Crowdsourcing proves benefits for enterprises

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Crowdsourcing has been one of the main topics, we are talking about in our seminars and webinars as community experts these days. It’s definition and capabilities is perfectly described in the following video showing an MIT presentation (and with Evly you can start your own crowdsourcing project quite quickly)…

So, crowdsourcing is based on the right group of people, gathering around a topic of interest, a product or a brand. They are the extension of a company out in the market, working with the brand in terms of identification and differentiation which I have nailed down in my Community Centric Strategy model.

These people are working on company problems or tasks, and they contribute with relevant business input and ideas. Especially in the IT, telecoms and web industry crowdsourcing has been around for quite a while as this mass collaboration helped them catalyze their business exposure and feedback.

Today, I came across a study by the Everest Group called „Every Crowd Has a Silver Lining“. It finds crowdsourcing has got a fair business reason. It is experiencing some well-needed cost advantages which is leaving BPO behind. The study states that companies are utilizing crowdsourcing for as much as 50% of their product-related projects (like design, engineering, marketing, packaging, research, technology and testing).

„We are witnessing a second fundamental inflection point for crowdsourcing where large corporations in a post-recession era are increasingly using global professional crowdsourcing services in new application areas, often as a cost-effective alternative to traditional BPO. (…) Our study finds that crowdsourcing utilization has evolved from small- to medium-sized businesses to an increasingly accepted business practice for large corporations. As cost advantages are progressively augmented by greater accountability, quality assurance and timeliness assurances, the ‚on-demand‘ talent model will continue to gain a greater foothold.“ Sarthak Brahma, Practice Director, Pricing Assurance, Everest Group

Spot On!
Well, I do not know whether you have to base findings on the global recession basis to make it a powerful message. Or whether this is just the pure modern nature of many consumer which enterprise need to be aware („crowdsourcing on demand“) of and make the best out of it. However, it is a fact that companies shift their task solving process from ‚job-based‘ hiring to ‚task-based‘ resource management. Crowdsourcing might be a great way to enable this shift in business process management. It definitely offers companies more flexibility in terms of budgeting. More heads come to different solutions, get trained quicker, find supervisors outside the enterprise, aggregate thinking and re-new the point of view for a brand decision or a product development.

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