Study: Is Social Media a traffic driver to corporate websites?

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This is definitely a finding, I would like to get you reviews on… According to a recent report by ForeSee Results, not even 1% of website visits are coming at the moment from a social media site. Can we really believe that? The Social Media Value Benchmark is based on nearly 300,000 completed consumer surveys on more than 180 websites across a dozen private and public sector industries (i.e. Department of Defense,, General Mills, ESPN, Express, Kellogg’s, among others).

The report suggests that 18% of website visitors have been influenced by social media. This tells us that 17% of the respondents visited the website in an approach that was not really initiated through some way of clicking on a social media link. So, the question could be: Is social media more a brand awareness topic (18%) in the future, to be evaluated under the ROI of content marketing? We will see…

The idea of the their “Social Media Value Benchmark” study was to measure social media ROI. ForeSee developed the idea to rank web visitors based on how the customer came to the site, how much they spent, how they felt about the experience and whether they’re likely to return. By surveying nearly 300,000 consumers, Foresee’s outcome is that people who were influenced by social media spend more and are more satisfied and loyal customers than those who aren’t influenced by social media. But wat happens to the other 17%?

It raises questions like: If customers spend more money than the average customer, is it worth the effort invested in social media? Social media is not a “cost-free” marketing approach. Time is the money companies are paying… And what does it mean if email is known as the influence 32% of customers bring to website?

Spot On!
How do we value the report? It is questionnable if the report really delivers insights. Social Media does not have a blueprint solution for all companies. Industries are different. Customers in inustries are different. For one company it might work well and for others it won’t. Brand value, SEO power and content input in a relevant way will decide in the future. And most companies haven’t really started using the tactical finesse of social media yet. The value is in the SEO effects and those who are real friends with the brands (and stay or become a fan with it). If you leverage it properly the traffic will go up. I have tried it out, and know what I am talking about… ;-)

What is your experience and how do you see these results…? Looking forward to your questions…

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