Study: Mobile Commerce is happening – mobile search is the access point…

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A recent 2011 Mobile Search Insights study conducted by ROI Research Inc. for marketing firm Performics, shows that 49% of consumers who use the mobile web at least once a week made a purchase on their mobile device in the past six months. Compared with a Compete study from last year this shows the increased use of mobile commerce opportunities.

Although these results sound impressive, we have to bear in mind that the study focussed purely on heavy users of the mobile web. These heavy users are familiar with using sites for private shopping and business productivity.

The key findings of the study among 502 weekly mobile web users also state that 30% of mobile search users are likely to select sponsored search results. 77% of surveyed people used mobile search more than five times in the last month.

„Mobile paid search has surged as a percentage of overall paid search spending for our clients, particularly over the last 15 months. (…) We expect March to be the double-digit tipping point, when mobile paid search will represent at least 10% of paid search impressions for all Performics clients.“

Daina Middleton, CEO, Performics

The habits of people searching mobile is changing the way how they gather information from the web, say 63% of repondents. Mobile search is used more often than search engines on the computers (32%) and is the access connection to online retailers and manufacturers.

– 84% look for local retailer information (phone, address, hours).
– 73% find a specific manufacturer or product web site.
– 68% search for the best price for a product or service.
– 63% search before purchasing offline in a store or from a catalog.

And mobile search is not used from the outside worls… but from home.
– 81% use it in the evening
– 80% at the weekend
– 61% at work and 59% before work

Spot On!
The study illustrates the power of mobile search and the opportunity of mobile ads in search results. Mobile search is accessing our daily lives and we suddenly forget to use the laptop or the desktop, it seems. Marketers will have the opportunity to get involved in the purchase process straight from the beginning of the evaluation of products and should integrate mobile (search) marketing into their mobile strategy.

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