Study: NASA and White House understand the web and social media

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The NASA and the White House seem to be the leading edge on Social Media usage inside the U.S. public sectors groups. This is the result of a study released by George Washington University School of Business and digital think tank L2

The research, done by George Washington University School of Business dean Doug Guthrie, New York University professor and L2 founder Scott Galloway measured the effectiveness of web sites, Social Media, digital marketing, and mobile platform support from 100 different public sector groups as well as independent agencies, the executive branch, advocacy organizations, armed forces, political parties, industry associations, and multilateral organizations.

The key finding of the study is that most groups in the public eye are taking advantage of digital technologies to spread their content and message. Some organizations show a savvy use and strategic approach of the web and social media. Nevertheless, most groups are still stuck on traditional media tactics.

The NASA succeeded in the test in the first place with a IQ score of 184 showing an innovative knowledge in all areas the research covered. Their success metrics: Using latest technology like streaming video, 3-D visualizations and Gowalla, the location-based network. Their firgures: 3 mio users a month, 600.000 Twitter followers and 150.000 Facebook fans.

The White House finished number 2 with a score of 158. Their strategic approach puts YouTube in front to address the country with speeches by President Obama and other members of his staff. They also do online contests to balance the budget. Facebook and Twitter seem to be their main focus and offering a personal-looking conversations.

On the less successful groups 51% were branded as „challenged“ or „feeble“ by L2. The „challenged“ group included the Tea Party Patriots, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the National Endowment for the Arts. The „feeble“ list which mentioned groups of weak web and social media use included Anti-Defamation League, The Department of Commerce, and the National Organization for Women.

Spot On!

„The advent of the social Web has fundamentally changed our nation’s public sector organizations. We’re likely to see a transfer in power and influence from organizations that are digitally inept to those who are digitally deft.“ L2, Founder Scott Galloway

I can only agree with him and say that the use of the web and Social Media will have a much stronger effect and impact on business and organizations in the next ten years. As soon as the user gets more familiar with the Social Web, its dynamics and the power of its options peoplewill start using their influence and change the way organizations communicate to and with them.

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