Study: Social Media and Advertising – What is the next hype for marketers…?

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When you do Social Media marketing seminars and trainings (and I have done many in the last 24 months), most of the times marketers want to know everything around Facebook and Twitter (maybe Google Plus these days). However, according to the Pivot Conference that released their study „The Rise of the Social Consumer“, with the response of 230 brand managers, executives, and marketing professionals yesterday, some new hypes from marketers can be seen. Just check out the platforms that marketers are planning to invest in…

Although the big players on the market dominate at present, the next wave is already approaching marketers mindset. YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Zynga have made their popularity in the Social Media market and might get the future attention of the marketers. The second column shows an increase of those four platforms between 13-26% which obviously have some good business value if seen from the right customer service and customer relationship management spot.

For B2B companies LinkedIn got some great assets, not only with their special groups. YouTube is some higly underated platform in my eyes. It can be used for different visual aspects in B2B, but also viral topics and campaign opportunities in B2C. If restaurants, service providers or entertainment brands want to head for local promotions, Foursquare (and Gowalla in some areas – also 5% increase forecasted) offers some fantastic buzz potential. Whether Zynga is really so powerful for marketers to promote their offerings, needs to be seen and proved in the future. I would rather recomment and elaborate on reward advertising models.

The study also showed that 84% of brands encourage user involvement with social advertisement campaigns. This is interesting as very often the perception of marketers was that people don’t really see the ads next to their streams. The intention of marketers why they invest in Social Media advertising is manyfold…

Spot On!
Over half of respondents of the study (see full report) said they were shifting money away from other forms of marketing towards Social Media. 23% of respondents even stated that social advertising delivers a greater ROI than other forms of advertising. Although this sounds great, the strategic approach to every social advertising and Social Media engagement needs to be double-checked. The development of the results need to be aligned with the expectations and targets set before the Social Media activity started. At least if they don’t want to lack business credibility in front of their bosses…

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4 Kommentare zu "Study: Social Media and Advertising – What is the next hype for marketers…?"

  1. Gerald Hensel am 02.08.2011 14:24 

    Nicht boese sein. Aber das ist eine der langweiligsten Studien, die ich seit Ewigkeiten gesehen habe.

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 02.08.2011 14:33 

    Ein Land der freien Meinung… ;-) Dann kannst du natürlich auch begründen warum, oder…?

  3. Gerald Hensel am 02.08.2011 15:18 

    Aber natuerlich. Dieser Artikel verschleiert mit ein paar bunten Diagrammen (schnell auf Share druecken), dass seine Aussagekraft fast gleich Null ist. Es geht um eigentlich nicht viel mehr als die Businessziele hinter Targeting-Mechanismen. Es ist eine reine Umfrage unter Businesskaspern, die aber nur die Theorie und die Businessziele touchiert (und natuerlich die Plattformen) aber nicht im Ansatz die Effektivitaet der unterschiedlichen Ansaetze untersucht.

  4. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 02.08.2011 15:34 

    In manchen Dingen gebe ich dir echt. Nicht umsonst habe ich das Fragezeichen in die Überschrift gestellt. Gleich null ist die Aussagekraft der Studie schon deshalb nicht, weil wir sie diskutieren (dürfen), in die richtigen Bahnen bringen (können) und das Spot On! zum Nachdenken anregt (oder anregen soll). Praxiserfahrung lehrt mich, wieviele seit Jahren einer Theorie nachlaufen (…ob die dann Businesskasper sind oder nicht, dürfen andere bewerten).

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