Study: Social Media and content marketing attracts brand advocates

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Content marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of business for marketers. A report by Zuberance now shows how businesses can make use of content marketing in combination with Social Media to attract more and more web users to become advocates for products and services.

According to the Zuberance report, an amazing portion of 38% of web users have recommended between five and nine brands to their friends and other web contacts. The respondents stated to have advocated at least one company. Even more, 30% recommended between one and four businesses or other organizations. 38% of the advocates stated that they discuss brands with a frequency of once per month. Some of the advocates (12%) even recommend brands several times in a week.

The three main findings…
1. Brand Advocates are even more actіve than previously thought. They recommend more brands, products and services and more often than and in more categories than arlier data suggested.
2. Brand Advocates have even larger social networks than previous studіes showed. They have hundred of friends and colleagues in their social networks. Thus, their recommendations reach more people than earlier estimates suggested.
3. Brand Advocates’ recommendations aren’t lіmited to consumer brands and products. They even advocate products and services that might be considered as mundane like anti-virus software or file transfer services.

Marketers from technology companies should take a close look to these advocates as their business was the most frequently discussed industry. 25% of web users replied that they advise their web contacts on computers, smartphones, and other products. As consumers often spend quite a significant sum on these products, they want to make sure to have chosen the best product that fits their purposes.

Spot On!
Many technology and business companies have realized the fact of the value of word-of-mouth, and thus the value of brand advocates. Different reports by Brafton and Custom Content Council & ContentWise 2011 show how active content marketing influences these people. Companies are clever to promote the conversation around their products and services on the social web, aiming to get their content shared or to boost their search ranks.

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