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Recommendation marketing is one of the most compelling ways to approach buyers. If these recommendations are coming from the social graph, people tend to trust them even more. If those recommendations are coming from brand advocates who love to talk about brands and their activities connect to them persuade the opinions and purchase decisions of many others, the value for sales and marketing from a word-of mouth point of view cannot be underestimated any longer, concludes a study by BzzAgent (recently acquired by dunnhumby Ltd.).

Study definition of brand advocates: „Brand advocates are people who habitually review products and share their opinions with others around them.“

The study on brand advocates by social media marketing agency BzzAgent concludes that these „heavy users“ of social media were 83% more likely to review products and share their opinions than the control group of Internet users. The BzzAgent research makes clear that brand advocates share their experience on the brands they like offline and online: at the water cooler, in (online) shopping areas, or on social networks. Brand advocates are, according to the study, two and a half times more likely than other Web users to use social media to expand their social ecosystem.

A lot has been said about the motivation of brand advocates. This report suggests that while the people are altruistic as well as selfish in their responses, they are also brand advocates just to be social from a conversational perspective. Maybe you find some more helpful information in the BzzAgent infographic on brands advocates…

„They use these conversations as icebreakers to connect with people (…) which runs word-of-mouth marketing campaigns through its 800,000-member advocate network for clients such as Procter & Gamble, L’Oréal, and Welch’s. They meet new people there. This is recreation for them. They like to brag about positive experiences.“ Malcolm Faulds, SVP of Marketing, BzzAgent

Spot On!
The emerging field of brand advocacy and its challenge remains first of all in the identification of brand advocates, and to understand the difference in male and female brand advocates, and counting in how volatile brand loyalty could be. Although products like Klout, Radian6 and SM2 are useful tools in this process, for me those tools often don’t really reflect the intensity of „brand love“ and the trustworthy reliance on the real engagement and output for a brand. The real marketing impact and sales value of brand advocates can only be measured and forecasted in a real lively exchange with brand advocates. However this engagement needs to be online and offline. And companies need to create programms showing that brands understand the distinction between reach and relevance.

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8 Kommentare zu "Study: Understanding the value of brand advocates…"

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  3. @drnatalie am 20.06.2011 01:15 

    FANTASTIC post!!! LOVE IT!! Will send all my clients to read it!

  4. Holly Krenek am 26.06.2011 23:53 

    Great post! I love the spot on summary – Reaching consumers will always be valued as the most important goal for a brand, especially now that brands are using digital to advance their competitive position while empowering consumers. Engaging with brand advocates is vital as agencies are yesterday’s news, and the agents/advocates are becoming the new model for companies.

  5. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 27.06.2011 16:27 

    THX @drnatalie! Just the feedback that keeps me walking… ;-)
    THX @Holly! Probably agents/advocates have always been the best advisors for companies. The problem was that companies did not understand how to make use of them…

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