Survey: Video Ads = Primary Focus…

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A recent survey, conducted by PermissionTV, of more than 400 senior-level marketers states online video is the top priority for digital budgets. In order to promote their brands more effectively marketers would also love to see an increased sophistication and interactivity in online video capabilities.

„… online video will play an increasingly critical role in all interactive campaigns… survey results demonstrate the strategic importance of online video in the overall marketing mix… as well as more sophisticated video experiences.“ Matt Kaplan, VP of Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer, PermissionTV

Interestingly enough the past argumentation is still valid: Brand awareness is staying the top-ranked ‚justification‘ for video advertising.

Spot On!
What the survey does not show is a concrete breakdown of different ad formats. Which are working best compared to online video? Are we still talking of Pre- and Post-roll as well as Overlay? How about results for traditional banner ads surrounding videos? A lot of unanswered questions which could give the study some more weight.

Is this a self-serving study of an online TV service company? Especially when we see JP Morgan analyst Imram Khan’s negative outlook for online video. Plus, when we count in ‚results like 40% of the online video initiative budget going into video production. Isn’t monitoring and tracking, often called efficiency, far more elementary in the eyes of marketers?

One thing is sure: the ‚good old cp-whatever-x model‘ must be replaced by an new value ROI model based on in-depth personalization, a community parameter which guarantees and results in improved targeting.

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2 Kommentare zu "Survey: Video Ads = Primary Focus…"

  1. Matthew Mamet am 28.01.2009 13:48 

    Martin, Thanks for blogging about the PTV survey, we found the results to be somewhat surprising, but very encouraging.

    We probably ran the risk of this survey being labeled as „self-serving,“ but the truth is still clear. We asked top marketers and agencies what they were going to spend on, and they told us. The survey was also managed by a 3rd party – our outsourced marketing firm. Take that for what you will. We’re not JD Powers. :)

    With that said, our focus is on providing a platform for marketers to build interactive video – what you referred to as personalization in your last paragraph. In short, I agree with you that passive video with some interruptive x-roll ads is not the future. Instead, clickable video, choose your own path, video in video, overlays – these are the types of interactive experiences we accomplished in 2008 and are planning on for 2009.

    Final thought – if you enjoy discussing online video, you may want to check out our weekly live webcast on Thursday’s 3pm EST at

    Matthew Mamet
    Director Product Marketing

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