2015: A day in the mobile payment future

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We have just recently written about mobile payment and the wallet-free future which Paypal predicts in their study. Now, another nice infographic by the guys from Mobile Payments Today and mobile payment provider Cellum makes its way thorugh the Net, showcasing a day with pure mobile payment.

The funny thing is that most of these mobile payment processes are already happening. And the only question is what will really succeed and what might fail here in mobile payment projects like the Google Wallet or Isis. Some of the projects like QR code or mobile shopping are already being used by geeks like me. And I can hardly remember that I ever did not buy a flight via my mobile devices in the last two years. The question is though when the masses are following the tech guys like us.

This is why the infographic might become interesting – and not even a future outlook anymore. Change in the parking meter? Not necessary. There is an app for that in Vienna. However, many cities still do not offer the opportunity. Still, there is room to evolve and I can think of many other opportunities where mobile payment makes sense. You got some ideas as well? Share them, so we can make the world a cash-free place. Or are you still happy taking a heavy wallet with you day in, day out?