Real-time-bidding: How publishers and advertisers leverage online ads (a Michael Barrett interview)

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One-on-one interview with Michael Barrett.

Michael Barrett joined Admeld from Fox Interactive Media, where he was Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer and oversaw worldwide revenue for all properties, including MySpace, IGN,,, and Before Fox, Mr. Barrett held senior sales positions at interactive leaders AOL Media Networks, GeoCities/Yahoo! and Disney Online.

The Strategy Web spoke briefly with Mr. Barrett about Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) and the benefit that Admeld can offer to publishers… and advertisers.

What is a private Ad Exchange and which role does Admeld play in this context?

The private exchange is built on Admeld’s core technology, it is an invite only marketplace. First, it leverages our yield optimisation engine, which connects to every major programmatic buyer. Second, it has an audience analytics module which enables the publisher to identify their most valuable users. And third, it has the analytics and controls necessary to help them stay aware of buying trends, price effectively and sell only to those they want.

Do you think, this model is right for every publisher?

The model makes sense for many large European publishers, but the solution isn’t right for every publisher. It’s meant for those that have the scale and brand equity to attract advertisers into their own marketplace. The private exchange is customized to a publisher’s needs, and delivers cutting-edge control over how you sell your inventory, to whom, and for how much.

Can you still put inventory through RTB on private exchange?

Yes, Admeld’s private exchange platform has been developed to primarily handle RTB and gives the publisher unprecedented, direct access to Admeld’s audience analysis and optimisation technology. The exchange platform works in concert with a publisher’s ad server and demand flows from the trading desks, DSP’s, and direct sold deals. This methodology gives the publisher truly informative access, control (including the ability to set price floors), and insights on their inventory, regardless of demand source.

Spot On!
The RTB technology approach is still quite new to the advertising industry. Admeld just recently launched a RTB network with quadrantOne on premium local audiences. sociomantic entered the European market last week – just some weeks after my company IDG signed a global agreement with Admeld to start their own RTB system called Techmediaexchange which will be going live soon. One of the latest studies by Forrester claims that RTB is accounting for 8% of the online display ad market in 2011. An interesting market for clients and publishers in the future…