The Psycho short film Siri – What happens when Siri is taking over control…

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Often shortfilms are a fantastic way to keep a storyline brief and sticky. In 3 minutes film makers create storyboards that is engaging and thrilling. Today, we have many 3 minutes film awards, i.e. here, here and here, and even Deutsche Telekom started a portal „3min“ some years ago which was meant to carry only 3 minute films (…shame they have killed the project).

My Siri adventures were more or less as short and disappointing as some short films I have seen lately. And after 3 minutes I have often killed my Siri experience as it failed permanently from its linguistic capabilities. What happened was sometimes fantastic, outrageous and definitely something that I could not foresee…like the following short film Although it is not professional in production and gets out of the typical 3 minutes frame, I am sure you won’t be able to stop the video before it ends. Correct…?

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