The Twitterview – web-strategy by Jon Samsel in 140 max

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One-on-One Interview with Jon Samsel, Webstrategist

Jon Samsel is a social networker, blogger and author with 16 years of experience as a senior- online marketer and tech consultant at Fortune 100 companies like Ford, Apple and Countrywide. He is currently a Senior Vice President at Bank of America. Jon is the author of four books and tweets on a regular basis on topics such as social media, SEO, user experience design, website optimization and the art of writing.

As Jon Samsel is a bright writer, we have given him the challenge with my version of ‚The Twitterview‘. Why this…? The world loves Twitter – so, Jon please each question in 140 characters max…

Q: What does web-strategy mean to you?
Jon Samsel Web strategy is a set of guiding principles defining the course of an online venture that generates a desired pattern of decision making.

Q: Why does web-strategy become more important for companies?
Jon Samsel A good web strategy provides a clear roadmap so that resources can be aligned & goals achieved. The web=$. Revenue gained or costs saved.

Q: What are the 3 biggest challenges for a web-strategist?
Jon Samsel The biggest challenges are 1) Changing old school corporate thinking, 2) Finding the time to be smart about everything, 3) Proving results

Q: What are the 3 trends for web-business 3.0?
Jon Samsel The three trends for web-business 3.0 are: 1) Ubiquitous connectivity, 2) Multi-dimensional publishing, 3) Practicing transparency.

Q: What are the 3 most important technologies for your business?
Jon Samsel Tech tools I rely on: 1) Coding PHP, WordPress, AJAX, Flash), 2) Data feeds (XML, RSS, API), 3) Analytics (Omniture, Google Analytics)

Q: What is your advice on social media activities for companies?
Jon Samsel My advice is simple: 1) Experiment & participate, 2) Liberate your data and content, 3) Listen to your customers & fulfill their needs

Q: Will every company have a web-strategist in the future?
Jon Samsel Successful firms will embrace their web constituents, especially the key influencers, who will help guide their strategic decision-making.

Q: Why did you do the interview with The Strategy Web?
Jon Samsel I enjoyed the challenge of answering your questions in 140 characters or less. It forced me to be succinct & choose my words wisely.

If you want to learn from Jon Samsel, start reading his version of the updated book Interactive Writer’s Handbook. Writing For Interactive Media which is available in a neat 3D pdf-format on Jon’s blog.

Jon and me got tho know each other through my discussion on What is the biggest business benefit of Twitter?. He shared his good post The Twitter Effect: How 140 Character Micro-Blogging Can BeneTweet Your Company via a LinkedIn comment on the poll.

Jon, thank you very much for your time – good to be connected.

Note: The views expressed in this article do not represent the advice, views, opinions, or beliefs of Bank of America. Bank of America makes no claim of accuracy, takes no responsibility, and has no liability for any content on this page.

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