The World after Advertising & The Internet of Things

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Last week, I had the opportunity to take part in (and speak about the future of targeting at) an interesting event called The World after Advertising. The well-organized day offered a full program on the future of media and web business from all aspects: advertising, collaboration and insights, insights, insights which will help us understand the new ways of monetization and how to turn our business models in the direction of a cultural change that is happening already.

For me the most inspiring speech was held by Rob Gonda, Director of Strategy at SapientNitro. Rob was giving a broad overview of the digital landscape and his interactive outlook into 2020. I liked his approach to make people understand that in principle our business stays simple. It is based on technology, media and data, and the way these will be interacting in the future. When he quoted data from Morgan Stanley that there is a global opportunity for internet advertising of 50 Billion USD, he got the right switch to the main technology that will drive these bucks: Go mobile!

Thinking about the future of the internet and the future of advertising (if the future of advertising will be advertising), I actually got two views this week: Rob Gonda’s and Dean Donaldson’s (Mediamind). Having attended a Mediamind event on Monday, the output of both speeches sounded alike: Sensors are the future drivers of the (mobile) internet and might replace (or even become?) the cookie technology at some point in the future. „Sensors are the cookies of the future,“ said Dean Donaldson. And Rob showed examples like Ray Ban’s virtual mirror and Unilever’s ShareHappy (see video).

In his key-note he also talked about the Internet of Things, he mentioned that Wallmart uses RFID codes for better tracking of their inventory and expects manufacturers to put RFID codes on products before they come to their stores. Although Rob considers a „normal level“ evolving and adapting from a user perspective when maschines start talking to each other. I base my view more on a sceptic user behaviour, a privacy debate which will arise from it (or people will simply cut out the labels…), and also a cultural alongside the evolution of a new generation. He made clear that he sees the tipping point of the Internet of Things (see IBM explanation video) not before 2020 – another view I share with him. Though there are many reasons of why the Internet of Things could be with us earlier than we think.

After his speech I had the option to touch base with him on the Internet of Things. Watch it…

Spot On!
His six predictions were definitely something to think about. Though I rate his visions, I would doubt that all of these will become reality…
– Location-Based-Services will die – My answer: Depending on user flexibility and information overflow, and whether the user wants to receive information from things like wallpapers and the likes when they are passing by…
– Facebook own 50% of advertising – My answer: Whenever a market-leader became to popular, some new start-up or competitor took market share of them. Do I not see an advent on the horizont from the guys at Paths and Diaspora…?!
– Facebook penetrates APAC >2bn users – My answer: Defintely worth a try for Facebook, no surprise…
– Android + GoogleMe – My answer: Yep…!
– MediaTradeFloor: My answer: The danger for a jobtitle like media planer to die becomes reality, it seems…
– Media budgets will shift – My answer: Yes, the challenge will be to integrate the user in this process. If he/she voluntarily tells us their preferences, ad technology will deliver more precisely and ads/commercials will receive new conversion levels.

Looking forward to get your views on the Internet of Things or on Rob’s predictions… Share them with us! Let’s discuss…

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    The World after Advertising & The Internet of Things…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  4. Dean Donaldson am 30.11.2010 12:53 

    Thanks for the mention Martin.

    I think I will take issue with some of Rob’s predictions. Take Facebook as example. 50% of access is via a mobile device – they currently don’t support ads or Fan pages on mobile version. Oops!

    And do we really expect a computer to replace a human investigation of data in a media planner’s role… not unless artificial intelligence begins to predict which product launches people will queue all night for?! That’s still science fiction – it takes a human to understand a human – the technological ‚tools‘ just assist us in the speed of access to information.

    P.S. My research into RFID advertising can be found here:

  5. Martin Meyer-Gossner am 30.11.2010 17:54 

    I think ads on Facebook could definitely approve and if not, they will not get to the 50% mark… Agree. ;-)
    The computer will never replace humans in my eyes – only partly. Still, computers will ease the way media is planned and executed. Today, in some countries computers give recommendations too media planners on which platforms to buy based on usere data.
    Ideally, the user could be voluntarily say what ads they want to see and then get relevant commercials that address their attention better than in the past.

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