The world is mobile social networking

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From a new study by Insites Consulting, we can learn that Europeans connect more to social networks via their phone than surfing the web with them.

47% of smartphone-connected-Europeans will surf the mobile internet every day. However, this might sound like massive traffic load, it is probably more remarkable that 66% of connected smartphone users log on to their social media profiles daily. At the dmexco all experts agreed that the mobile phone is and will remina the leading communication device.

Obviously, it makes a change if you have your smartphone with you whereever you go – at least from a social network point of voiew. It is a difference in terms of frequency and intensity of use of social media platforms. It comes as no surprise that Facebook confirms „People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users“. Smartphones are the emerging access point for Social Media.

The World is Mobile #Eday11

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