Tips for better blogging by Erin Blaskie

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As we all know the ‚blood, sweet and tears‘ for a good website is content. And there is one manifested argument for it: content is key! Content pushes your search engine power without any ‚artificial‘ efforts. And this is even more important for blogs, for blogs are becoming the competitor for the ‚old-school‘ publishing industry.

Now, how do you find the ‚right‘ content, meaning content that people want to read? There is probably a lot of content like collaborative knowledge and company information in your company that you would love to talk about. But does this really interest your readers or potential buyers?

There are probably days, when your ‚blogging team‘ can produce and create quality output. And then there might be days, when nobody and nothing seems to be in the world -apart from having no time to blog as of different reason: loads of administrative work, time is short, business keeping blogging team busy and the news scenery is in some way odd and boring.

Erin Blaskie, internet marketing strategist & owner of Business Services ETC (BSETC), gives us four tips in a short and well-spoken two minutes video – watch it and learn from it.

Let us resume the four bullet points Erin proposes…

1. Ask your audience!
Find their problems, answer those, become a solution provider for them or do some research on how you can help or assist.

2. Collect interesting information!
Find things, information, news and pieces of relevance for your audience (or clients) and blog about it.

3. Listen & answer question!
Open up your ears and eyes – in fast moving times there are a lof of people around you that don’t know what the latest buzz and trend is. Your blog should become a valuable resource for your audience.

4. Blog about news!
Write about the latest trends and ideas that are ‚in the talk of the street and screens‘. People love to be interesting and being the first to know. Isn’t it all about vanity?

Spot On!
Blogging is like becoming a journalist (if you have not started yet, you might start here). No wonder ‚real‘ journalists fear the new publishing trend as it effects their ‚unique selling point‘ – publishing quality content that matters. How much the future of journalism is effected by blogs and micro-blogging can be read in this article on ‚The future of “quality” journalism: lots of questions, few answers‘.

I personally think, professional journalists should focus on the background stories much more than delivering the news that everybody can read in hundreds of articles and posts in blogs – see also some recommended reading.

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