US retail study: marketing and social media in recession

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It is hard times for the retailers and online shops in the US. Nevertheless, a recent marketing study by, a division of the National Retail Federation, and Forrester Research states that at least a third of these e-commerce sellers increase their market share – and more than 10% use the social media push effect.

117 online retailers were asked about the influence of the economic downturn in terms of their marketing spending. The results…

– 25% will spend more than planned
– 46% will spend as planned
– 29% will spend less

“As weak retailers disappear from the eCommerce landscape, companies that remain do have an opportunity to capture orphaned shoppers,” the report said.

What is the strategy? Reuters compares it with kind of a ’survival of the fittest‘ approach: The weak ones will not survive and will be taken over by the strong retailers.

„Analysts have pointed to as the online retailer finding the most success getting consumers to shop. With a strategy of lowered prices, increased selection and a discount shipping program, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant has managed to beat sales forecasts in its last two reported quarters.“

Spot On!
Less and less people are going (by the means of the word) shopping. If there is an option to avoid walking in stores, being disappointed by ‚products not available at the moment, sorry‘. So, people are more open to have products shipped (and in the bad case: send back) rather than enjoying the shopping experienece. Retailers see this as an option and use old ‚marketing gold‘. Push marketing instruments for customer acquisition and retention (88%) will still be email communication, followed by paid search. Is this the ’never change a winning team‘ strategy? No, as social media is on the rise with 11% of retailers putting this on the plan for acquisition efforts. It is always good to be first to find a new retail marketing strategy, right?

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